All Good Road Trips Must Come To An End!

Southwestern-most point, and Northeastern-most point of the trip!

Southwestern-most point, and Eastern-most point of the trip. But, NOT the Northern-most point!

Day 123     October 10, 2014

Palm Springs  to  San Diego, CA

We’d been on the road four months, and were getting excited about getting home. Not that we didn’t love living in the Space Shuttle, but there’s something about knowing that you’ll be home soon, that makes you very happy!

Before we got on the road this morning, we packed up as much of our stuff as possible so that the unloading process at home would go faster. And we dumped and flushed our holding tanks so that they’d be clean and empty when Fiona went back to her storage garage.

And then, before we knew it…..we were home!

  • Days on the road:  123
  • Miles driven:   17,245
  • Ferry boat rides:  7
  • Miles travelled by ferry:  unknown
  • Number of US States:  33
  • Number of Canadian Provinces:  6
  • Visits to Veterinarians:  2
  • Traffic/parking tickets:  1
  • Number of beers drunk:  unknown
Home sweet home! Looking out on the 'hood.

Home sweet home! Looking out on the ‘hood.

2 thoughts on “All Good Road Trips Must Come To An End!

  1. I like the way you think!! No big trips on the horizon though, as we’ll soon (I hope!) be starting construction on our new house. So you might soon be seeing some funny stories about construction!

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