Hire Us

Mark’s an awesome architect!

His work has won many awards and has been featured on HGTV. He’s super creative, super technical, easy to work with, and his clients all love him.

He will travel anywhere around the world for a nice client who appreciates cool, modern design. I will probably travel with him!

I’m a creative writer and photographer.

My photos have been used by lots of peeps, including…VISA, McDonald’s, Fuji Film, AT&T, and more. A few years ago, I sold all of my photo equipment in order to pursue other things in life, and took down my website.

Now, I shoot fun little Instagrams with my iPhone, and post them on this blog.

My copy writing has helped to sell everything from useless products, to beautiful exclusive pieces of real estate. I’m the author of several blogs….one is defunct….one is badly neglected….and then there’s this one, Airstream Moho-A-Go-Go.

If you have a fun project that you need help on, run it by me!

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