All Good Road Trips Must Come To An End!

Southwestern-most point, and Northeastern-most point of the trip!

Southwestern-most point, and Eastern-most point of the trip. But, NOT the Northern-most point!

Day 123     October 10, 2014

Palm Springs  to  San Diego, CA

We’d been on the road four months, and were getting excited about getting home. Not that we didn’t love living in the Space Shuttle, but there’s something about knowing that you’ll be home soon, that makes you very happy!

Before we got on the road this morning, we packed up as much of our stuff as possible so that the unloading process at home would go faster. And we dumped and flushed our holding tanks so that they’d be clean and empty when Fiona went back to her storage garage.

And then, before we knew it…..we were home!

  • Days on the road:  123
  • Miles driven:   17,245
  • Ferry boat rides:  7
  • Miles travelled by ferry:  unknown
  • Number of US States:  33
  • Number of Canadian Provinces:  6
  • Visits to Veterinarians:  2
  • Traffic/parking tickets:  1
  • Number of beers drunk:  unknown
Home sweet home! Looking out on the 'hood.

Home sweet home! Looking out on the ‘hood.

New Old Bike & Old Beers….The Journey Home

Mark's new old bike

Mark’s new old bike

Day 122      October 9, 2014

Sun City, AZ   to  Palm Springs, CA

We could’ve driven all the way home to San Diego today, but we made the strategic decision not to do so. We decided it’d be better to drive to Palm Springs for the night, and drive to San Diego the next day. That way, we’d avoid driving into San Diego during rush hour, plus, in the morning, at the RV park in Palm Springs, we could dump our holding tanks one last time.

So, not being in a big rush to leave Sun City, we went on a big dog walk/photo excursion around Sis and Rick’s neighborhood.

I like the little cactus

I like the little cactus

Big cactus are cool too

Big cactus are cool too

Cactus and clouds

Cactus and clouds

Sis & Rick's neighborhood

Things are so neat and tidy in Sis & Rick’s neighborhood

Just as we were ready to hit the road, and were saying goodbye, Mark noticed an old steel bicycle in Sis and Rick’s garage. Next thing you know, that stupid old bike was coming home with us. First I protested, but then, it seemed that the mere idea of owning the bike was bringing such joy to Mark, that I gave in, even though I had no doubt that the bike would become a money pit!

Mark's new old bike

Mark’s new old bike

And away we went…back to having three bikes again.

We crossed into California at Blythe. Being back in California was a monumental thing, and bitter-sweet, as it meant the end of our big adventure. It also meant the end of our supply of apples, as they were promptly confiscated at the agricultural checkpoint station.

Sometime around 4:30 pm, we rolled into Palm Springs, and headed straight to the Happy Traveler RV Park.

Palm Springs

Palm Springs

Palm Springs

Palm Springs

We were tempted to walk into town to get some dinner, but instead, on our last night on the road,  we opted to just hang out with the doggies and the Space Shuttle. We made dinner, drank beers, and played music….one last time!

The last couple of beers from  our stop in Santa Fe

The last couple of beers from our stop in Santa Fe









Great name for a beer! And a "must" to bring along if you go camping or glamping like us!

Great name for a beer! And a “must” to bring along if you go camping or glamping like us!

Modernism Week….Cool S#*% That I Love!!

Sorry I’ve been scarce around here. I had to go “radio silent” this past week. This was mainly due to the fact that I was so busy, I just kind of forgot to get the lap top out to write.

What happened to me? Well, we road-tripped, with Fiona the RV, to Palm Springs, the land of all things fabulous, for Modernism Week. In a nutshell, Modernism Week is a celebration of mid-century cool shit, and of modern living, architecture, art, design, interior design, and lifestyle.

Modernism Week

Cool. Iconic. Modern.

We made our home base The Happy Traveler RV Park, a short walk to the heart of downtown. And for five beautiful, warm Palm Springs days, we zoomed all around on foot and bicycle, to tours, lectures, films and parties.


(above) Fiona @ The Happy Traveler Rv Park, space #127

Awesome Stuff We Did At Modernism Week! 

1. Tour of William Cody’s “Glass House.” I could live there. Homeowner who did the restoration was there, and he was really happy and proud to show off his home.

2. Film premier, “Quiet Elegance – The Architecture of Hugh M. Kaptur” Dude designed lots of cool places, and he was there for Q&A following the film.

3. “A Taste of The Leisure Life,” Tour of eight mid-century modern homes. Yep, I could live in any one of these nifty little houses.


(above) On the house tour


(above) Fun interiors on house tour

4. Film premier, “The Oyler House: Richard Neutra’s Desert Retreat” Has the coolest swimming pool ever, built into a rock. Q&A afterwards with homeowner Kelly Lynch, Neutra’s two sons, and the film maker. And, the three Oyler kids who grew up in the house were there too.

5. Lecture, “Modern Artifact – the 1931 Aluminaire House” Fascinating story about a display house that’s been taken apart, moved, reassembled, taken apart, moved again, reassembled, taken apart again, and is now in storage. Now they need a new place to reassemble it.

6. Tour of “Frey House II.”  This was the second home that architect Albert Frey designed for himself in Palm Springs. Iconic and fabulous, with views to die for! A definite highlight of the week!

ImageFrey House II

7. The Christopher Kennedy Compound, Architectural Twilight Tour & Cocktail Party.  A designer showcase in a mid-century modern home that’s been restored. I was standing right next to Trina Turk by the pool. I love Trina Turk! That woman’s got style!!

8. Lecture, “Thinking Outside of the Box: The Blue Sky Building System’s Approach to Prefab.”  A bit technical on prefab framing system, but still, got to see pics of lots of really cool modern homes. Mark liked the technical stuff.

9. Tour of Frank Sinatra’s “Twin Palms” Estate. A party house, for sure! Completely restored and beautiful. And you can rent the estate for a private party. Nice!

It was a great, great week. Fun and inspirational. Already planning to return next year.

A word to the wise, if you plan to go next year, you need to book your event tickets early. We bought tickets at least a month ahead of time, and many of the events were already sold out. Check out for lots more info and photos.

All of that design eye candy has got me all jazzed up to add some fun, colorful stuff inside the Airstream….colorful coffee mugs, bright colorful dog beds….A small shopping spree is on the agenda for today!