Contemplating Life As A Peppermint Pattie


I decided that I want to be reincarnated as a Peppermint Pattie. I’m not in any hurry. Just sayin’ that when the time comes, that’s what I’m looking forward to coming back as.


I can’t really tell you much more than that. As I was eating a Peppermint Pattie the other day, it just struck me as the perfect plan. I love Peppermint Patties. Always have. They are, to the mint world, what a Reese’s Cup is to the peanut butter world…PERFECTION!!


Now, go on out and have yourself a perfectly fun and spectacular weekend!!!


The Claustrophobic Glamper…the final chapter…




Let’s try this again. Voyage #2. Will I or will I not, freak out again?! The Claustrophobic Glamper (me) goes to Palomar Mountain.





If you’ve read my earliest posts, you know that I’m claustrophobic. For some reason, per pound of body weight, and per square inch of body surface, I seem to require more air and space around me than the average bear.


And if you’ve read my earliest posts, you know that I completely freaked out my first night in our new RV. I’ve left you hanging with that saga, ’cause there was so much other newer funny stuff that I had to write about.


Nothing new and funny to write about today, except that I did ask some of you to pray for me because I was getting my hair cut today. And thank you for that, ’cause I love my new crazy ‘do. (pic below)


A week or two following our maiden voyage to Santa Barbara, we did a weekend trip to Palomar Mountain to practice our glamping skills. After a visit to the Palomar Observatory (a cool place!), we drove over to Palomar Mountain State Park, and got ourselves a campsite at Doane Valley Campground . Gorgeous campground!

IMG_0809 copy



Palomar Mountain Observatory






1459827_682012708499420_2000047850_n copy




Doane Pond @

Doane Valley Campground






IMG_0828 copy



Fiona @ Campsite #1 @ Doane Valley Campground








Long story short….because it got dark and cold by 5:30pm, and we had no wood to make a fire outside, we piled ourselves and the dogs inside the RV at 5:30pm. We ate dinner, watched a video, and went to bed early.


It was really really dark out. We went to bed with most of the shades up, so that I could see outside, since that seemed to help calm my freak-out a bit on our maiden voyage. But it was so dark, that I couldn’t see a bloody thing!


I did manage to sleep a bit. But I woke up around midnight. I was still weirded out about how dark it was outside. I got out of bed and went and sat in one of the chairs up front. I calculated…if it was midnight, then I still had about six more hours to kill before daybreak. WHAT THE HELL WAS I SUPPOSED TO DO FOR SIX MORE HOURS??!! We’d already been inside what is basically, a large van, for seven freakin’ hours!


I got out a flashlight and read a magazine for a while. OK. That killed like 15 minutes. NOW WHAT??!!


I WAS CRAZY ITCHIN’ TO GET THE HELL OUT OF THAT RV! But I couldn’t even get out and take a walk. We were in the woods, it was pitch black out, and I was afraid an animal might attack me. You laugh, but shit like that happens!


What a looooooooong freakin’ night that was. As soon as day broke, I leashed up the dogs and took them for a walk. Finally, fresh air and freedom…for me…not the dogs…they didn’t really want to get up and go outside that early. But I had to get the hell out of there.


This long night led to another great epiphany about my panic attacks. This attack wasn’t so much a claustrophobic attack, as it was that I realized I just cannot be stuck inside for that long of a time. Think about it, I was inside the RV for 13 hours. I wasn’t actually claustrophobic, I was totally bat-shit stir-crazy!


You’ll be happy to know that, for each awful night I endured at the beginning, I learned valuable things about my triggers and about how to cope with and prevent these episodes. I’ll do a little recap here, in the hopes that, if you or someone you know is struggling with the same issues, that something here might actually help.


1. I like to be able to see outside, so we don’t pull the privacy shades closed all the way. This gives me a sense of space. It also opens up opportunities for perv’s to look in, but for some reason, I don’t care.

2. I can not be inside the RV for abnormally long periods of time at night. Now we stay outside as long as possible, around a campfire, or with our battery operated lantern burning low, and we talk or play music until it’s time to go to bed.

3. Unless it gets pretty darn cold, we don’t run the heater at night. We’ll usually set the thermostat to around 55ºF so that it doesn’t get too stifling inside. In our small space, once that heater kicks on, it can get hot and stuffy real fast, and me no likey.

4. If,  for some reason, we have to be inside the RV earlier in the evening, I’ll spend time sitting up front and reading until I’m ready to go to bed.

5. I always sleep on the side of the RV that does NOT have the bathroom and tall cabinets. This way, I have a better view of the whole RV, and I can see how spacious it is.


So there you have it. Pretty simple solutions. I figured all of this out by analyzing what was going on each time I had a panic attack.


Happy to report, I’m doing really well now on our road-trips. I don’t even need the chewing gum or sleeping pills (see earlier posts). Makin’ myself and my family proud, one phobia at a time!




I Almost Slapped A Sales Woman Today

True. I felt myself wanting to slap a sales woman today. You probably don’t think I look like the violent type, but, what she said kind of shocked me. She kind of pissed me off. But then after a few seconds, I thought that I wanted to hug her.


It happened in my favorite clothing store, Title IX (Title 9). Title IX, if you’re not familiar with it, has super fun and comfortable clothes for active women. And get this, almost all of their skirts and dresses have pockets in them!! Woohooo!! No more asking the sig other to carry your chapstick! When we travel, I live in a couple of skirts that I’ve purchased there in the past.


Anyway, I was trying on a skirt and had stepped out of the dressing room to look at myself in the large mirror in the back of the store. That’s when it happened. The very young sales woman who’d been helping me, who was probably 25 years old at the most, which would make me more than twice her age, looked at me and said,

 That looks cute. I hope I look as good as you do when I’m your age.


WTF? What do you mean,

…when you’re my age?


What’s that supposed to mean?! Should I slap her? But wait, a couple seconds later, I decided it was a compliment. Yea, sure, must have been! Maybe I should hug her! No, stay cool. So I just smiled and said,

Thank you, I guess!


Grace under pressure. Yep, that was me today!! And lookin’ good. Yep, that was me today too!


Neighbor’s Doggie…..


The Port-A-Potty Miracle


The most amazing thing happened to me recently, something like a Christmas Miracle, except that it wasn’t Christmas.

I’m 100% certain this has never happened to anyone before in the history of the universe. It happened on that Friday when we had to drive our car from San Diego to Murrieta and back again. I’m absolutely certain that it will never happen again.

Twice that day, not just once, I found myself in a brand-spanking-newly emptied-cleaned-sanitized-fresh-smelling, completely lovely Port-A-Potty! I’m talking so new and fresh, that I had to unwrap a roll of toilet paper before I could use it.

The first time was early that morning. We arrived at the bike races, and prior to driving to the parking area, we made a stop at the parking lot staging area, where there were ten Port-A-Potties all lined up neatly in a row.

I randomly picked one, and was shocked to find that it had not yet even been used! What a pleasant surprise, and what a great way to start the day. I’d never experienced such loveliness in a Port-A-Potty.

Fast forward to later that day, on our drive home to San Diego. We pulled off the freeway, into a gas station so that I could use the bathroom. But, this gas station didn’t have a bathroom. Instead, it had a Port-A-Potty out back. This was gonna be disgusting.

But no! Not disgusting! Again, I found myself in a brand-spanking-newly emptied-cleaned-sanitized-fresh-smelling, completely lovely Port-A-Potty. And again, I had to unwrap a new roll of toilet paper.

What are the odds of this happening once in a day, let alone twice in one day? Zero! It has never happened before and will never happen again. You would have a better chance winning the lottery.

I was so struck by the odd nature of these events, that I couldn’t stop talking about it on the drive home. And I smiled, declared it a miracle, and declared myself the luckiest person on the planet that day!

Thursday Has Been Postponed


Since I cancelled Wednesday, I’ve gotten behind with things. Therefore, I’ve had no choice but to postpone Thursday.

Yesterday, I had a friend suggest that I should cancel Mondays and Thursdays. She mentioned something about not wanting to work so many days each week. Good point.

And I would cancel Mondays and Thursdays, per her request, if I weren’t afraid of the consequences. I mean, look what’s happened by just canceling Wednesdays. If we also cancel Mondays and Thursdays, we’d be so far behind that we might find ourselves in the unfortunate situation of having to postpone Saturdays and Sundays….and that would suck!

So for now, I’m just gonna postpone this one Thursday. Just until I catch up.