The Day After the Morning After the First Night


After the first night in our new RV, and my disturbing claustrophobic attack, after morning coffee with our friends, after NOT telling our friends what really happened that first night…after all that, we did the obvious…went shopping.

Mark was in denial about my “situation,” and was determined to carry on as if nothing had happened. I was still talking about how to return the RV, but he was ignoring me. I guess he had faith in me.

He took me to the shopping mall to buy a few things he thought we needed in the RV….a 3″ memory foam mattress pad, and new pillows.  I thought it was all a waste of time and money, since we’d be returning the RV anyway.

After the little shopping spree, we made a stop at Pete’s Coffee to regenerate. Struck up a conversation with an older man who asked us about our Airstream. I blurted out that I had had a claustrophobic attack that first night. He proceeded to tell us that he spent many years traveling around in a similar type and size RV (a Roadtrek), and that he had claustrophobic issues for the first six months. He discovered that chewing gum in the evenings would help relieve the stress.

Nice guy. Wished me luck. We said goodbye and went to the drugstore to buy a massive amount of chewing gum.

While in the drugstore, it also occurred to me that some type of sleeping pill might be of help. You can’t put all your eggs in one basket, so I wasn’t about to rely just on the chewing gum!

Now I was ready for Night #2….Chewing Gum, Sleeping Pills, Memory Foam Pad, New Pillow…I was ready to do some serious relaxation and sleeping! BRING IT ON!!

In the next installment…Night #2 and my big revelations!

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