The Maiden RV Voyage…Boondocking in Santa Barbara


Our very first trip in the new RV, was a 4-day 3-night trip to Santa Barbara. Mark had a business meeting there, and we made arrangements to “boondock” out front of our friend’s house.


Just south of Santa Barbara, we stopped in Carpinteria to have dinner with our friends Bob & Jen. Bob is a stellar banjo picker, with whom I used to play in an old-time jam group. Jen is his better half, and some say that that is because she does NOT play the banjo!

After a wonderful dinner, upon returning to the RV, we were greeted by a loud ear-splitting smoke detector-like warning alarm. WTF was going on, and were we going to explode and end up on the late evening news?

Gotta tell you, we never did figure out what that alarm was, but after a good 5 minutes it stopped, and we merrily went on our way with what was probably just a tiny bit of hearing loss!


We arrived in Santa Barbara late that night, parked in front of Ken & Barb’s house, and began our first night in the RV. Brushed my teeth, washed my face, climbed into bed (we have a king sized bed at the rear of the vehicle). So far, except for the mystery alarm earlier, so good….except for one little thing….


I wasn’t in bed 10 minutes when I have a FULL-ON PANIC ATTACK!!!!!!!!!

Long story short, sort of, I spent almost the entire evening sitting in the front seat, snuggling with my pillow, and looking out the window to the great outdoors where there was lots of space and lots of fresh air. When I couldn’t take that any longer, I went outside in my jammies and sat on the curb next to the RV.

It was a long long night, which wasn’t so bad because it gave me plenty of time for self-berating, and for wondering……


2 thoughts on “The Maiden RV Voyage…Boondocking in Santa Barbara

  1. Seriously? No one buys a RV that hasn’t spent a few nights at the very least in the front or back seat of a pickup the RV would seem like a mansion. Then again I am looking to buy a travel trailer or you take trades? Tray again and give it some time…

    • Hi Pete. Yes, seriously, this is what happened!! We had never spent more than about 10 minutes in an RV looking at it. We kept telling each other that we should really rent one for a few days first, but, I guess we didn’t listen to each other!! We were very focused on the dream of road-tripping all over the USA, so we skipped a few steps!!

      This happened at the beginning of November 2013, so I still have much of the story to tell.

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