7 Important Tips For Buying Your First RV…or NOT!!!

What you’re supposed to do…

1. Rent an RV for 3 or 4 days. Just gather up your 2-legged and 4-legged clan, pack some tasty food and beverages, and hit the road. You’ve got to experience the whole lifestyle before you buy into it.

2. Go to RV shows and RV dealers and look around. This is the best way to narrow down what you do and don’t like in an RV.

3. Research on line. Get more detailed info about the models you like. Also, find out what other owners are saying about their rigs. There are some great RV discussion forums on line.

4. Go back to the RV shows and/or RV dealers and look again!

5. If you’re getting close to deciding on a model, see if you can rent that exact model, or at least, something similar.

6. Educate yourself on the care and feeding of the model you’re interested in. If your dream is to travel and live off the grid for weeks at a time, but your rig only has 30 gallon holding tanks and no solar power, this probably ‘aint gonna happen.

7. When you’re pretty sure you’ve decided what you want, go back to the dealer. Hang out in the rig  for a few hours, without the salesperson. Pretend you’re actually camping. Pay attention to the space, the layout, the storage, sleeping arrangements, cooking facilities, and generally, just what it’s like to be inside the rig for an extended period of time. Close all of the doors, and close the privacy curtains/shades to experience what it will be like in there at night.

Now, contrast this with what we did…

1. We did NOT do anything I mentioned above, except for an occasional visit to an RV show over the years.

2. We were sucked in by the shininess and beauty of Fiona

3. We bought Fiona


Aha!!! That story is for my next post….

8 thoughts on “7 Important Tips For Buying Your First RV…or NOT!!!

  1. We also refer to our rig as the space shuttle. Because it’s compact, and just like the space shuttle you have to refer to the manuals (and try to decipher them) while in transit. LOL

  2. Almost bought on in December down here in Texas. I wanted a place to live for a few months each year when I visited my family. Couldn’t find a cheep place to park it for the rest of the year so..maybe next year??? Nice posting I’ll wait and see what happens next.

  3. Ahhh…the issue of where to park it. Yep. Put that one on the list of things we neglected to figure out until the day we bought ours! You know how they say “ignorance is bliss?” I guess we were really blissful.

  4. Andy says:

    Great old-time minds think alike. I just bought my new mini-motor home in november. Didn’t go on our maiden voyage until last weekend. Went to king city for a square dance festival with girlfriend and her unruly shepherd mix. Took my mandolin but never got it out of the case. Looks like your Moho is a beaut, and the diesel (MB equals diesel, niche wahr?) should help a lot with gas mileage. Hope you have as much fun in yours as I hope to have in mine.

    • Hi Andy!! What kind did you buy?! Yes, ours is a MB diesel. They say it gets about 20 mpg. We haven’t tested that out, ’cause really, you just get what you get. Why aggravate yourself if you don’t get the full 20?

      We are having lots of fun, that’s for sure! Hope you have lots of great trips in yours. Even going away for a couple nights is lots of fun!

      I bought a cheap guitar that I keep in the back, so we always have music. Miss your awesome mandolin playing!

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