I Fought The Law, And The Law Won

Day 58   August 6   Part 2 

On this evening, I received an email from the Portland, Oregon police. After I had reported to them that one of my blog readers had emailed me that he had found my stolen bike in Portland, they had spoken to him and then gone to check it out.

The bike in question was locked up in plain view, in a busy waterfront location. The front tire was missing, presumably taken off by the current “owner” so that nobody could steal it and ride off with it. The irony.

The cop on the case took a few photos of the bike, and attached them to the email. This was un-freakin-believable……this was MY bike!!

My bike had been customized over the last few years with certain high-end components. This was not a combination that you just purchase off-the-rack at a bike shop. This was, without a doubt, MY bike!

Now the sucky news. The cops could not legally cut the lock to retrieve my bike, without proof that the bike was mine.

Since I’d be traveling for another couple months, I didn’t have any way to check my files at home to see if I had recorded the serial number. I called Trek, and I called the shop where I’d purchased the original bike, and neither of them had a record of my serial number. (and, now that I’m home, I checked my files, and did not record the serial number. dumb)

No serial number, no bikey coming back to me.

There you have it. Some a-hole stole my bike, and probably sold it to someone who has no idea it was stolen and no idea how valuable it is. If they knew these things, they most definitely would NOT leave it outside.

So many lessons to be learned here. Such a bummer. A suck-fest. On the other hand, I think I’m over my hatred of Portland, Oregon. I think I’m ready to go back there someday.

Me, Jaymes, and The Cops…A Freaky Coincidency Event!!

Day 56    August 4     Part 2

The world wide web is a weird and freaky place to be hanging out. Bad shit happens here. And good shit happens too. And today, the good and the bad came together.

Back on June 21st, Summer Solstice, which should have been a joyous day, but turned out not to be, my super nice Trek road bike was stolen. I’m still holding a grudge against Portland, Oregon for that tragedy.

Fast forward to yesterday, August 3, which at this point in my way behind posting, wasn’t yesterday at all, but was more than two months ago. But in keeping with this chronological journal, it was yesterday.

Yesterday I received an email from someone named Jaymes. I don’t know Jaymes, but, he apparently reads my blog. (Hi Jaymes…if you’re still out there reading) Jaymes wrote that he found my stolen bike, and that I should call him as soon as possible.

I, of course, figured this was a scam to get money from me, and I immediately called the Portland police. The Portland police told me that they’d call Jaymes and check this all out for me.

Today, August 4th, I received a call back from the police. They talked to Jaymes, and said that he sounded legit. Jaymes told them where my bike supposedly was, and the cops said they’d go check it out.

Just like a fine suspense novel, I’d have to wait another couple days to hear back from the police. I was excited, but also skeptical that this could possibly be my bike!

Portland Sucks!!

Day #12   part 1

Loved Portland…Until I Hated It

The first half of Day #12 was painful. I hate to even write about it, so, I’ll make it quick and short.

My road bike got stolen. For those of you who know me and my bike, yes, my white Trek Madone 5.5 with cool upgrades like electronic shifting. UGH!!!

We had stopped at REI in downtown Portland, to buy some hiking shoes. We were only in the store about 20 minutes, when I remembered that we hadn’t remembered to pay for parking.

When I went outside to pay for parking, my bike was gone. Some a**hole had cut through our band new kryptonite cables and locks, had picked the lock on the bike rack, had cut through some straps, had opened up the rubber straps that hold the bike onto the rack…and had taken off with my freakin’ bike! The only good news, was that they didn’t have time to also take Mark’s road bike. 

Aarrrggggggg!!! Freakin’ infuriating, not to mention a complete let down and total disappointment in the human race. People (who steal bikes) SUCK!!

I filed a police report, and then, despondently just finished off the rest of the afternoon. Nothing I could do about it, and I tried to not think about it, and to get back to a happy state of being.

I just decided that I’d hate Portland, instead of loving it, even if just for a couple of days. And that would have to do.

Cycling Adventure & The Painfully Cold Shower

Flower fields on Sauvie Island, Oregon

Flower fields on Sauvie Island, Oregon

Day #11

On the morning of Day #11, otherwise known as June 20th, we got stuck at Target. We intended to make a quick stop there on the way out to Sauvie Island, but the quick stop turned into 3 hours.

It was all good. This was a Target superstore, and we needed some stuff, so that was cool. We stocked up on food, water, and various supplies (paper towels, paper plates, etc.). And when we brought everything out to the RV, we then got caught up in another reorganization of our stuff. 

And that turned into having to also make a stop at West Marine. We needed some hook thingies to hang some stuff with, and we needed toilet chemicals. And we needed to waste time walking all around the store ‘cause it was big and really nice and full of stuff  that is fun to look at, but that we didn’t really need.

I was pretty happy when we finally pulled out of that shopping center, and headed out to Sauvie Island to go cycling. Not sure what the whole story about Sauvie Island is, but we sure enjoyed it. It seems to be all agricultural, and nature preserve-ish. 

Let the cycling begin!

Let the cycling begin!

If you want to drive around Sauvie Island, you have to pay like $8 or so, for a permit. The guy who owned the little convenience store/bait shop (ya gotta be careful which fridge section you go food shopping in!), he let us park in his lot for free, since we were just gonna be cycling around the island.

We had a great ride. Sauvie Island is just outside of the city, but it’s completely rural. A great place, and a great sunny day for a bike ride.

Out and about around Sauvie Island

Out and about around Sauvie Island

Since we had gotten such a late start to the day, by time we finished our ride, it was already 5:00 pm. So, instead of going back to the “night is like day” RV park, we decided to just shower in the RV, and head right downtown for dinner and drinks.

Problem…the hot water fault indicator light kept coming on. Damn! We couldn’t get hot water! I was determined to take a shower, and so I just took an all-cold water shower. The water was colder than I bargained for. It was painfully cold, and the entire 1.5 minutes of my shower, I screamed and cussed like a sailor. Smartly, perhaps, after hearing me screaming through my shower, Mark decided to just wipe down with a wet paper towel and skip the real shower. Smart man. A little dirt and sweat never hurt anyone.

Downtown Portland

Downtown Portland is cool. It is so cool, that, right off of the city center, there exists the coolest Apple store ever. It is all glass on three sides! WOW!!! For Mark and I, being the Apple lovers that we are, it was an overwhelmingly beautiful site!!

Apple store, in downtown Portland

Apple store, in downtown Portland

OK, seen the Apple store. Next, dinner and drinks at the roof-top restaurant at The Nines (hotel). Nice views overlooking the city. Great food. Great drinks. Pricey, yes. A thing to do once, definitely! 

View from the top of the Nines

View from the top of the Nines

View from the top of the Nines

View from the top of the Nines

And so concluded Day #11. Another perfect day (except for that darn shower!!).

Hello Portland, Oregon!

Portland, downtown sky scape

Portland, downtown sky scape

Enough of nature already. On Day #10, it was time to leave the Columbia River Gorge area, which was full of spectacular scenery, and head west to the big city of Portland.

We made only one stop, in Troutdale. Just a small nondescript town, with a most excellent Italian restaurant! Pompello Ristorante. Best Italian food I’ve had in a long time. 

If you go there, don’t be put off by the slightly grumpy owner. Maybe we annoyed him because we changed tables three times before we ordered. Well, there were problems with each of the tables!! duh!

We got to Portland around 2:00 pm, and headed directly into the downtown area. Portland is full of many cool little urban neighborhoods. Lots of energy, artsy-ness, lots of cafes, galleries, and shops. I really dug the place!

Hangin' out @ a downtown coffee shop

Hangin’ out @ a downtown coffee shop

Trixie, diggin' the Portland coffee house scene!

Trixie, diggin’ the Portland coffee house scene!

Fish gate on a downtown store front

Fish gate on a downtown store front

We’d been warned by friends about bike theft in Portland, and so we made a stop at a local bike shop and bought another kryptonite cable lock to lock the bikes up to each other and to the bike rack on the back of the RV. 

I was craving veggies (yes, I love veggies, and hadn’t been getting enough of them on the road), and was thrilled to spot a tiny little juice stand right near the bike shop. Got me some super-duper-veggie charged drink, and immediately felt healthier!

Juice & smoothie stand.

Juice & smoothie stand.

The day was getting on, so we headed about 7 miles out of the city, to the Jantzen Beach RV Park. We got ourselves a nice little spot, wedged in tight between the other RV’s, and right smack dab underneath a huge security light. You know the kind of lights that are installed on big poles in big parking lots to keep crime down? Yep…right under one of those suckers! 

And so, the day came to an end…or didn’t come to an end….perpetual daylight was upon us!! Very disorienting when I woke up at 1:00 am, and thought it must have been 10:00 am ‘cause it was so bright!! Oh well. There are much worse problems to have in life than a little too much daylight during the night!