I Have A Dryer Sheet Tucked Into My Shirt…Now What?


I’ve been busy…real busy. Been working on our plans for the big cross country trip. And ya know what has been of the utmost concern to me? Bugs. Bugs that bite. Bugs that just annoy. Bugs, gnats, noseeums.


I’ve lived in Southern California for more than 25 years, and I’ve all but forgotten about how, in other parts of the universe, bugs can be quite pesky. Take my last trip to Asheville, NC…..by time I left that place, my legs were freakin’ covered in itchy bug bites. Pretty much sucked.


So now, I’m realizing that, when we go travelling this summer, I could be in for a spankin.’ Therefore, I’m spending a substantial amount of time researching how to keep the bugs at bay. The largest amount of suggestions so far, have come from my on-line friends at http://www.airforums.com  (all things Airstream). Got some interesting ideas from those peeps, which gets me to why I have a dryer sheet stuffed in my shirt.


A couple people on the forum discussion, swore that dryer sheets keep away bugs. As luck would have it, or unluck, there’s been some weird little black bugs flying around my house lately. I don’t know what they are or where thy are coming from, but here they are. They are tiny, and annoying. Perfect!


I bought a small pack of dryer sheets yesterday. Didn’t even open the box, and the odor could kill a horse. Sorry, I just don’t like the overly strong, pungent, fake flowery-like stink. But I figure, if this works, I can get used to the smell.


So, I’m sitting at my computer, and here comes a couple little buggies. I tore open the box of dryer sheets, and stuffed one into the top of my t-shirt. 1/3 tucked in, 2/3 sticking out, like a napkin (not like I use a napkin, but some folks, usually men wearing crisp white button-down shirts, do).


I’m practically choking on the fumes. Ugh. These sheets must super-charged with weird chemicals. And, apparently, the little black bugs are thinking the same thing, ’cause I haven’t been bothered by one in about 15 minutes! Woohooo!!! Maybe this actually works!!


Experiment #1 complete! Tomorrow I’m gonna try placing some dryer sheets by my balcony doors to see if they can altogether keep the bugs from coming in.


At the suggestion of some others on the Airstream forum, I also bought some tea tree oil. Something else that, in my opinion, is uber stinky. I might try that tomorrow too. Mark hates the smell of tea tree oil too, and told me it’d for sure repel him. Not my intention, but hey, if it also keeps the bugs away, I’m going with it!!