For Those About To Road Trip, I Salute You!

Summer’s here friends, so get the f*## out of your houses, get in your damn cars, and go on a road trip!!

Yesterday, June 10th, marked the one-year anniversary of the start of our epic four-month long road trip. Yes, the one I’m still blogging about! I set a goal to be finished writing about the trip by time the one-year anniversary rolled around. Didn’t quite reach that goal, but I am super close to being finished.

So, if you’re sick of still having to read about my old trip, get the heck on the road, do your own road trip, and then write about it! Stop being the entertained, and start being the entertainee. Road trips are fun!! You’ll thank me later for gettin’ you out there!!

4 thoughts on “For Those About To Road Trip, I Salute You!

  1. Nancy says:

    Easy for you to say . . . you have an RV. If I had an RV I’d be on the road now!
    I’ve enjoyed your MoHoBlog – Keep it coming. Love your pics.
    Fiddle-n3. :).

  2. Only got 6 weeks to wait until I’m off for 8 months – the hiatus is almost over, my daughter qualifies next week and then term and my au-pairing stint is over at the end of July and R0X1’s tyres will be stirring up the dust 😊

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