On The Road…In Need Of A Food Intervention

It's cold in the morning, so Gumby's rockin' his winter scarf

It’s cold in the morning, so Gumby’s rockin’ his winter scarf

Day 102     September 19, 2014

Somewhere in rural New York  to Hagerstown, Maryland

It was only 35 degrees (fahrenheit) when we  woke up. So, when it warmed up to 60 degrees in the afternoon, we were ecstatic. We hadn’t seen temps this warm in quite a while, which, if you recall, is one reason we’d left Canada and were beelining it due south.

As on most long driving days, we munched on our fair share of junk food. Mark, having no respect for my eating dysfunctions, had smuggled on board a box of hot & spicy Cheese-Its. First I lectured him about bringing such junk on board, and then I dove right into the box of orange disgust.

On one of our finer gas & food stops today, we made a rare and desperate visit to a McDonald’s. I ordered a little fish sandwich. Mark ordered a double quarter pounder with cheese. We got it all “to go” and went back to the Space Shuttle to eat. When Mark opened up his double quarter pounder box, there was no lettuce, no tomatoes, no onions, no condiments of any kind on it…and no top bun. Too lazy to go back inside to return it, he just sat there, and pathetically ate his open-faced, double-pattie, cheese thingy.

We continued our way down Rt 81, and when we reached Harrisburg, PA, we stopped to visit my cousin Michael.

Hello, Pennsylvania!

Hello, Pennsylvania!

Mark, my cousin Michael, and me

Mark, my cousin Michael, and me

By the end of the day, we’d made it all the way to the Jellystone Campground in Hagerstown, MD. It was such a nice shock to be welcomed by the 70 degree temperatures at 8:00 pm. Finally, we were back in summer time!

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