The Snow Globe, The Mighty Wind, and the Walmart

The Rooms, St. John's

The Rooms, St. John’s

Day 89            September 6, 2014
St. John’s to Clarenville, Newfoundland
Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada

Most of our day was spent at The Rooms, an amazing combination museum and gallery in St. John’s. Although half of that time was spent in the restaurant and gift shop, we really did love the great art and exhibits, all of which related in some way to Newfoundland.

Graphic interiors @ The Rooms

Graphic interiors @ The Rooms

View of the harbor, from The Rooms

View of the harbor, from The Rooms

The most memorable thing about The Rooms…..the waitress in the cafe telling us that St. John’s in the winter time, is like living in a snow globe. Brrrrr..…I shudder to think about it!

Late in the afternoon, as we sat in the Space Shuttle out in the parking lot, we held a major trip planning session. We were supposed to be in Albuquerque, New Mexico on October 2nd….only 3.5 weeks away. There were still a good number of places on our “to visit” list between St. John’s and Albuquerque, and this was the time we really got down to figuring out how we were gonna see everything, do everything, and still end up in Albuquerque on time. And the verdict was, we better start heading west now.

It was sad leaving St. John’s. Not only did we love this city, but leaving also meant we were on our way home. Granted, it would take over a month to get home, but, it still signified the end of our great journey east and north.

We got on the road, the same road we’d driven east on, the only road that crosses Newfoundland from east to west. We drove for an hour or so, but as the wind picked up a notch, and it started getting dark, we searched for a campground. According to our campground guide, there was a campground in Arnold’s Bay called Putt & Paddle Campground.

The one good thing the wind was doing…perfectly posing the flags!

Perfect flags!

Perfect flags!

We found Arnold’s Bay, but we never found the campground. We were wandering around some neighborhood, lost, when we saw an older gentleman walking up the street. We stopped him to ask directions. Classically, it seemed he either couldn’t hear us, or couldn’t understand our accents. And when he spoke, well, with his uber thick Newfoundland accent, we couldn’t understand a damn word he said. We smiled, said thank you, and made our way back to the highway.

By this time, it was dark. And with our high profile vehicle (almost 10’ tall), the high winds were really blowing us around. And we were scared to death of hitting a moose. There was no choice but to continue driving until we got to the next town. And as luck would have it, the next town had a Walmart! Hello, Clarenville Walmart! I’ve never been so happy to see a Walmart, and to get off the freakin’ road!

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