Me, Jaymes, and The Cops…A Freaky Coincidency Event!!

Day 56    August 4     Part 2

The world wide web is a weird and freaky place to be hanging out. Bad shit happens here. And good shit happens too. And today, the good and the bad came together.

Back on June 21st, Summer Solstice, which should have been a joyous day, but turned out not to be, my super nice Trek road bike was stolen. I’m still holding a grudge against Portland, Oregon for that tragedy.

Fast forward to yesterday, August 3, which at this point in my way behind posting, wasn’t yesterday at all, but was more than two months ago. But in keeping with this chronological journal, it was yesterday.

Yesterday I received an email from someone named Jaymes. I don’t know Jaymes, but, he apparently reads my blog. (Hi Jaymes…if you’re still out there reading) Jaymes wrote that he found my stolen bike, and that I should call him as soon as possible.

I, of course, figured this was a scam to get money from me, and I immediately called the Portland police. The Portland police told me that they’d call Jaymes and check this all out for me.

Today, August 4th, I received a call back from the police. They talked to Jaymes, and said that he sounded legit. Jaymes told them where my bike supposedly was, and the cops said they’d go check it out.

Just like a fine suspense novel, I’d have to wait another couple days to hear back from the police. I was excited, but also skeptical that this could possibly be my bike!

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