Party On, Pittsburg!

Pittsburg @ nite

Pittsburg @ nite

Day 40   July 19

When we woke up this morning, it looked to be the beginning of a beautiful day. However, it had poured rain at night, and we’d left all of our stuff outside all night long. Beginners’ mistake.

The worst of it were the doggie blankets….all four of them soaked and now also weighing a ton. And so, that is how it came to be that we spent all morning doing laundry. In all honesty, all those dog blankets were probably in need of a good washing anyway.

Our goal today, was to reach Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, where we would visit our friends Bev and Mike in Squirrel Hill. It was a pretty uneventful drive, unless you count a Gumby & Pokey mid-day tip-over.

We did pass an interesting road sign along the way….”Lordstown,” which was marked as an “Exit Only” exit off the toll road. The irony did not go unnoticed, and we had a great big laugh over that one.

Our arrival at Bev and Mike’s was just in time to get the Space Shuttle situated in their driveway (our home for the next two nights), say hello, walk the dogs, and then hop in their car to go to a party out in Coraopolis. Perfect timing, no?!

Bev & Mike's cat welcomes us to Pittsburg

Bev & Mike’s cat welcomes us to Pittsburg

Bev and Mike welcome us to Pittsburg

Bev and Mike welcome us to Pittsburg

It seemed like it took forever to get to the party, but that was probably ‘cause we’d just spent a good part of the day driving! Or maybe because Coraopolis is kind of “out there.” But when we arrived, what a treat! It was an “Island” theme party, complete with a steel drum band for entertainment.

Party in Coraopolis

Party in Coraopolis

The band

The band

Welcome to Pittsburg!

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