Life Is A Roller Coaster! A Surprise Discovery!

Crazy people are riding this thing.

Crazy people are riding this thing.

Day 39 July 18

Up early today, and into the Airstream service center we went….again!

This morning was just a short visit to fix one last item, and to settle our bill. The service manager was more than happy to deduct the cost of my guitar from our bill. I think he was also happy that it wasn’t a really expensive guitar, and that in the end, we still owed them money.

With the Airstream mothership visit complete, we only had one more deadline to meet…we just had to get to Newport, Rhode Island by July 24th.

In our quest to find a campground farther east in Ohio that evening, we accidentally wandered into Sandusky and Cedar Point Amusement Park. It wasn’t until we were through the parking entrance gate, that we realized fully where we were.

Wooohooooo....there they go

Wooohooooo….there they go

We’d seen this place on a documentary about roller coasters. Cedar Point Amusement Park is chock full of amazing roller coasters. The have the tallest coaster, the fastest coaster, the tallest wooden coaster, and probably other well known ones as well. I fear roller coasters, but coaster lovers from around the world pilgrimage to this place, and I could see why!

Another crazy ride for crazy people.

Another crazy ride for crazy people.

There’s an RV park right there, at Cedar Point. It’s practically inside the amusement park itself. You can see and hear the coasters from the RV park office. It’s all very fun and exciting, to see and feel the crazy, happy vibe there. Unfortunately for us, on that Saturday night, the RV park was completely booked.

Had we even realized the treasure of Americana that we were entering, we would have figured out ahead of time that the RV park would be booked up. We were bummed that we couldn’t stay the night, but were also pretty happy to have caught a small glimpse of the amusement park. A cool site to see, even if only for 15 minutes.

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