A Tragic Event @ The Airstream Mothership

The Mothership. Jackson Center, Ohio

The Mothership. Jackson Center, Ohio

Day 38      July 17

This would be Day #2 at the Airstream factory service center. We were having some warranty repairs done, as well as having a couple things tweaked especially for us.

Just like the day before, we brought Fiona into the service center at 7:00 am….and sat and waited. Today was better though, ‘cause we spent more time hanging out with the people we’d met the day before, who were also there having service done on their trailers and motorhomes.

Besides the hanging out and socializing, two amazing things took place on this day. One good. One bad.

Good things first….I got to go on the daily 2:00 factory tour, while Mark stayed in the lobby with the dogs. The tour was really cool. Airstreams are, for the most part, hand built. It was inspiring to see all the craftsmanship that goes into building an Airstream trailer. They are shiny things of great beauty!

Start of the factory tour!

Start of the factory tour!

Testing for water-tightness.

Testing for water-tightness.

(Side note…the only photos allowed on the tour are at the start of entering the factory, and of the water testing.)

And then the bad…the tragic event….That evening, while camped once again at the terra-port with some of our new friends, I discovered that the service guys had completely broken the neck of my guitar into two pieces! WTF???!!!

A musical tragedy

A musical tragedy

They had had to empty everything out of the back of our motorhome, in order to do some electrical work. And somehow, they must have either stepped on my guitar (it was in a soft case), or put something heavy on top of it, and blammo…disaster! You’d think, either way, they would have noticed. Go figure.

Well, I was pretty bummed about my newfound lack of a guitar to play. But I was also relieved that it was just a cheap travel guitar. So, no expletives were flying, and no steam was coming out of my ears, and no verbal threats were issued.

I had another beer, and would deal with the guitar in the morning.

Great beer with Airstream trailer on the label.

Great beer with Airstream trailer on the label.

2 thoughts on “A Tragic Event @ The Airstream Mothership

  1. Ron Drake says:

    How in the world did they break your guitar? Must have stepped on it and didn’t notice. Not even the sound of crunching wood alerted the service guy. Must have been grueling hanging out for 2 days in the waiting room.

    Really enjoy popping in here from time to time reading about your journey.

  2. Good question, Ron! It was pretty shocking to see! I’m assuming, by the looks of it, that someone stepped on it, and then was afraid to fess up!

    And, as to having to hang in the waiting lounge for two days, well, it wasn’t really that bad. Especially once ya started talking to other folks there, the time kind of flew by.

    I hope you’ll keep on coming back to visit me here!

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