Fiona Goes Home…The Airstream Mothership

Mark and Trixie, lounging in the Airstream service center lounge.

Mark and Trixie, lounging in the Airstream service center lounge.

Day 37      July 16

We woke up early, and registered at the Airstream service center at 7:00 am for our service appointment. Fiona was whisked away to a service bay. She seemed almost happy to be home, surrounded by her kin.

And then….we sat and waited.

The Airstream mothership is kind of in the middle of nowhere, although the people who live in Jackson Center probably wouldn’t like to hear that. Our “nowhere,” is their hometown. I should show more respect!

We spent all day hanging out in the service center lobby. I wasn’t feeling great, so I spent part of the day horizontal on a couch, snuggled up with Trixie. Mark got a break when he left to take the daily 2:00 factory tour.

There were a number of other Airstreamers hanging out, just like us. At the beginning of the day, we all kept to ourselves. All of us were trying to work on our computers. But, as we all discovered how bad the internet connection was, one by one, we came up for air and actually started talking to each other…just like in the olden days…the pre-stranger-danger era…the pre-computer-addict-era.

At 4:00, we drove Fiona out of the service bay, and back to the Airstream terra-port for the evening. She’d need another day’s work done on her, so we’d have to repeat the same routine the next day.

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