Real Time Update

We’re currently in Maine, at Acadia National Park. We’ll be heading north tomorrow, aiming for New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and Newfoundland!

6 thoughts on “Real Time Update

  1. bill & pat says:

    A guy a girl and one dog in a 2014 interstate just shy of a year old. We have been following your adventures. We were just in ns on cape Breton and Cabot trail and in booth bay for a couple of days on our way home to Boston. While you’re in ns a must stop is the chowder shack at the end of the road in meat cove for great food and incredible views. Keep in touch as you return thru Boston.

    • Oh, I envy you, that you only have one doggie to trip over in your Interstate! LOL

      We just saw an almost identical interstate parked in another section of the campground. Had Maine tags on it though, so it wasn’t you guys. Nobody was at the campsite.

      Thanks for the food suggestion in Nova Scotia. Will definitely check it out!

      We won’t be coming back down south, so will miss you back in Boston. We plan to head west in Canada until we get to Michigan. At least, that’s the plan now!!

  2. Susan Adamé says:

    Hey, maybe we will cross paths!

    We have seen Newfoundland, PEI, lost of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia… are taking ferry from Digby, Nova Scotia to Saint John, New Brunswick and then on to Fredericton, NB in two days. After that we will be heading to Acadia National Park. Seems like you will be doing our trip in reverse!

    Have you see my blog about Newfoundland? You may enjoy it at

    In Canada the best free internet is at the Walmarts. It is faster and more reliable than any campground and better than Tim Horton’s by far. You can get it in the parking lot and there are enough across Canada to get you by.

    Enjoy Canada…. we have!


    Susan Adamé

    • Hi Susan! Yep…we seem to be doing it, kind of, in reverse! Just got to PEI today. Thanks for tip on the internet. Frustrating, to say the least!

      I read your post on Newfoundland! Looks fabulous. I can’t wait to get there!!

  3. we just came back from the east coast (we don’t have an airstream, but love to watch for them) When we were in St Martin’s New Brunswick there was a caravan of about 26 airstreams. They were having a great time on their extended trip. Enjoy travelling in Canada 🙂

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