Big Pig. Downtown Omaha, NE

Big Pig. Downtown Omaha, NE

Day 26      July 5

Nebraska (another Springsteen reference)

It had rained in the very wee hours of the morning. Miraculously, the rain had washed away all evidence of fireworks in the streets from the night before.

We spent the afternoon hanging out in downtown Omaha. Made a visit to Hollywood Candy, and then walked around a bit.

Omaha, NE

Omaha, NE

Fiona in downtown Omaha, NE

Fiona in downtown Omaha, NE

Slides. Downtown Omaha, NE

Slides. Downtown Omaha, NE

Omaha has a nice mix of old buildings, new stuff, and river walks. Omaha also had what was to be the start of our foray into hot, humid weather.

We bid farewell to Rick and Jane’s family, and headed across the bridge into Iowa. Yippeee! Another new state that we hadn’t ever visited!

Our drive south on Rt 29, through part of Iowa, was uneventful, and we eventually crossed into Missouri. By now the heat and humidity had turned into a full blown rain, thunder and lightening storm.


Arriving in Missouri


By time we arrived in Kansas City, MO, the storm had turned into just a light drizzle. It was a Saturday night, but the downtown corridor of the city was pretty much empty. It was quite beautiful to drive through the city, with it’s wet streets reflecting the city lights, and without worry of other traffic and pedestrians.

Kansas City, MO

Kansas City, MO

We found a place to park on the edge of the city, on a street where we figured nobody would bother us for the night. Seemed like a great idea until about midnight, when 3 people came out to work on a car parked across from us. Then, while two of them were working on the car, one of them was walking around our rig, checking it out and smoking a cigarette.

Freaked us out!! We were peeking out our window, keeping our eyes on them, trying not to be seen, wondering, “Who the hell works on a car at midnight?”

I guess they were legit. They got their car running, and they left. And so did we. We drove to the parking lot at the nearby Harrah’s Casino, where we tucked in for the night near to some truckers and other thrifty RV-ers.

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