The Ties That Bind



Day 23  part 1      July 2

On the 23rd day, I did some calculating. We’d driven 3500 miles so far, and we were only as far east as South Dakota. We were on track for the longest cross country crossing ever. By most people’s calculations, we should have reached the east coast by then.

In all these miles driven, through cities and through tiny towns, I’d found what unites us all as Americans. It’s our need for self storage facilities to store all of our junk. Those are the ties that bind us as a nation.

Everywhere we went, no matter how big or small of a town or city, and no matter how rich or poor of a community….there was always at least one self storage facility. 

Why do we have so much stuff that we actually need to pay other people to store our stuff? Why can’t we get rid of any of it?

And while I’m analyzing this, let’s really call it like it is. By “stuff,” I mean “crap.”

There’s no logical explanation for this phenomenon, except for one. And that is, plain and simple, Americans just love their stuff.

Our Stuff….You’ll get it from us when you rip it from our cold dead hands.

5 thoughts on “The Ties That Bind

  1. I’ll admit to ‘liking’ my stuff. A couple of weeks ago we visited our 2 storage units to check on our crap and I’m glad to say thus far I’m happy I’ve kept it all. It’s kind of like a comfy blanket; knowing it’s there if I want it 🙂

  2. Pete Acevedo says:

    Hey Nancy very well said we have enjoyed all your little stories and all your small towns, so keep posting.

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