The Skeeter Assassin

Day 16 was so laid back, I don’t even have photos to prove it existed.

June 25th was a happy day for us beer lovers. It was the day that we got our RV fridge fixed. A huge thanks to Airstream Northwest Adventures for helping us out!

On the other hand, June 25th was a tragic day for mosquitos, because that was the day I bought a fly swatter.

I’ve always been a good athlete, and I happen to have very good hand to eye coordination. It was just a given that I’d be an amazing fly and mosquito swatter. The big surprise was that it was so much FUN to kill mosquitos! Who’d have known?!

I was having such a great time going after them, it was almost a shame there weren’t more. And there weren’t really very many, so to make it a little more challenging, I was going after them left handed. Ya know what? I’m pretty freakin’ fast and accurate with my left hand too!

I quickly earned the nickname, “The Skeeter Assassin.”

Anyway, I digress….with our fridge fixed, we were finally able to buy some food and drinks. Yea! We made a yummy dinner of steak and a big salad with grapes and raspberries and almonds, and a side of beer! We were back in business!

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