Portland Sucks!!

Day #12   part 1

Loved Portland…Until I Hated It

The first half of Day #12 was painful. I hate to even write about it, so, I’ll make it quick and short.

My road bike got stolen. For those of you who know me and my bike, yes, my white Trek Madone 5.5 with cool upgrades like electronic shifting. UGH!!!

We had stopped at REI in downtown Portland, to buy some hiking shoes. We were only in the store about 20 minutes, when I remembered that we hadn’t remembered to pay for parking.

When I went outside to pay for parking, my bike was gone. Some a**hole had cut through our band new kryptonite cables and locks, had picked the lock on the bike rack, had cut through some straps, had opened up the rubber straps that hold the bike onto the rack…and had taken off with my freakin’ bike! The only good news, was that they didn’t have time to also take Mark’s road bike. 

Aarrrggggggg!!! Freakin’ infuriating, not to mention a complete let down and total disappointment in the human race. People (who steal bikes) SUCK!!

I filed a police report, and then, despondently just finished off the rest of the afternoon. Nothing I could do about it, and I tried to not think about it, and to get back to a happy state of being.

I just decided that I’d hate Portland, instead of loving it, even if just for a couple of days. And that would have to do.

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