Good Beer & Pizza Makes Us Happy!

Flight of Beer @ Double Mountain Brewery

Flight of Beer @ Double Mountain Brewery

After 8 or 9 days on the road, Mark and I were falling into our “jobs” quite nicely. Mark cooked, I did the dishes. Mark dealt with the electric/water/sewer hook-ups, while I dealt with cleaning the bathroom, and sweeping the floor, and doing the laundry. 

At home, I usually do most of the cooking. But as soon as I’m in the RV, I become cooking impaired. I’m like a deer in headlights, and can’t even begin to figure out where to start on a meal. Thank goodness, Mark took to it right away and has been enjoying being the head chef. I enjoy that he cooks for me, even if he is a wee bit bossy when he cooks. He’ll deny it, but it’s true.

My big contribution on Day #9, was that I rigged up a way to prop the bathroom door open so that it didn’t just slam shut on us. It’s small things like this, that make life easier on the road in a tiny space. It’s now day #27, and my contraption has held up well, and we use it every day.

I spent a good part of the day reorganizing stuff in the space shuttle. This wasn’t my first reorganization, and wouldn’t be my last. The more organized stuff is, the easier day to day life is. Small things, like having crap fall out of the overhead compartment onto your head every day, can aggravate the hell out of you. So, organizing your stuff is important!

So yea, Day #9 was pretty laid-back. 

In the evening we drove into downtown Hood River. With the weather being super clear (i.e., so much wind, there wasn’t so much as a cloud in the sky…Hood River is like the windsurfing capital of the planet, for good reason), we had a stellar view of Mt. Hood as we drove across the bridge. Glorious!

Mt. Hood, Oregon

Mt. Hood, Oregon

And then, probably the best part of the day…..dinner & beers at Double Mountain Brewery. Yummy pizza & beers, good service, nice people! Seeing Mt. Hood was cool, but it’s just hard to beat good pizza and beer for the Number 1 spot!!

Double Mountain Brewery

Double Mountain Brewery

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