Taking The Other Way Around!

ImageThe route untaken.

We started out Day #4 with a plan to drive north into Oregon, to a place that our friend, Carson, had recommended. Belknap Hot Springs. We never made it.

We did start the day by heading north. We drove past Shasta Lake (looked beautiful at 60mph), and caught a glimpse of Mt. Shasta from the scenic overlook spot ( at zero mph…we actually stopped to look at it). It was quite windy, cold, and starting to sprinkle. Figured we must be getting close to Oregon.

Mt. Shasta @ 60 mph


Mt. Shasta in the distance.

We crossed into Oregon at exactly 12:04 pm. The sign snuck up on me, so no photo available to share. It was definitely raining out now, and Mark mumbled,

The rain cleans the “California” right off of ya.

We continued heading north towards Belknap Hot Springs, when we saw a sign saying “Scenic Byway.” We couldn’t resist,  which is why we never made it to the hot springs. It was a good decision. What a fine and beautiful route is was! A meandering country road. Just beautiful. And no rain.


A walk in the woods off the scenic byway.

Came across this cool car at the gas station along the way. This couple was driving to the guy’s 50th high school reunion. This is the same car he drove in high school. He’d kept it all these years, and just kept fixing it up. They bought a small trailer that could easily be pulled by the old blue car. Nice set-up!

ImageNice car!

After a lovely drive on this unplanned detour, we arrived at Crater Lake, and at the Crater Lake Campground. Got us a gorgeous camp site amongst the trees. It was raining and bloody freakin’ cold outside!! It was 43 degrees at 5:00pm. Brrrrrrr. Apparently it had been snowing earlier in the day. Nice for us Californian’s, eh?

We had a nice cozy evening indoors. I fired up the heater, and Mark fired up the espresso maker. We nuked a pizza, made a salad, and opened up a bottle of Russian Imperial Stout, and looked forward to seeing Crater Lake in the morning!

ImageOur campsite @ Crater Lake.

ImageNo glamper should be without espresso.

ImageHappy man, relaxing in the back w/ computer and espresso.

ImageDinner time. Pizza, salad, beer, and dogs at our feet.




4 thoughts on “Taking The Other Way Around!

  1. patty hughes says:

    Hi Nancy, just checking on your trip heading east. Hope all is well. You don’t know me, but I’m just some crazy lady worried that we haven’t heard from you. Hope its because you are having too much fun! We bought our airs stream last August in NJ and have been traveling the east coast states since. Heading to VT and into Montreal next. Hoping to go to FL this winter from Boston. Would love to hear from you. Patty and Bill (and Rubin)

    • Hi Patty, Bill (and Rubin)! I can’t tell you how much it means to me that you were concerned about us! That is really sweet.

      All is going well, with just a couple bumps in the road here and there! The problem has been getting a good internet connection in order to post.

      The other thing has been that, for a while, it was daylight outside until after 10:00 pm. We would be out and about exploring until late, and then make dinner at 9:00 pm! I didn’t have my evenings to sit and write. Now that’s changing, so I’ve been writing in the evening and just waiting to get someplace with a good connection.

      So, stay tuned. Some posts are coming…maybe even today!

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