At Least We’ve Got Oatmeal-Raisin Cookies


Day 4:  Drove, ate, hiked, rode bikes, saw lots of cool stuff, ate, slept.

Days 5-14:  Repeat.

Now we’re in Boise, Idaho. Whammo! I’m all caught up.

I’d heard about, but didn’t completely believe, how we’d be lucky to have any decent internet connections while we travel. Well, it’s true. We’ve had none at all, or extremely bad and slow connections, leaving me unable to post new adventures.

We’re currently in Nampa, Idaho, just west of Boise. We’re at the local Airstream dealer, Airstream Adventures Northwest, having our fridge attended to. Our fridge decided to only work when we’re plugged into shore power, and I just can’t see us driving another 9,000 miles plugged in with a loooooooong extension cord.

They’re looking at the beast right now, trying to figure out what’s up, while we relax in the customer lounge. We’ve got wifi. Great! I can catch up. Oops, no I can’t. All my notes are in the rig. Darn.

Good news….We just had the most amazing oatmeal raisin cookies ever, in the whole world!! An Airstream customer dropped them off for the staff here, and we were fortunate enough to test them out. Scrumptious deliciousness!!!

And, just got word from service here. Our fridge is broken. LOL!! No, really, it’s not the 12v power supply going into the fridge, which was one possibility. But, not that. It is the fridge itself.

Worst thing about a broken fridge, according to Mark, is, no cold beer!

Taking things in stride. Will see what happens next. And, next time we have great internet, I’ll get back to the more interesting and funny stories! Or maybe you think this is interesting and funny, watching us deal with no cold beer! You’re sick!

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