OMG…I’m Only On Day #3, But I’m Really On Day #11.


Mystery Crops.

Day 3. Day 3 happened on June 12th. I’m pretty sure today is the 21st. If I get too far behind on this adventure, I’ll still be writing about it in 2015.

We said goodbye to the relatives, and left Danville, CA. My bro-in-law Brian, had given us a CD of music that he wrote and recorded. A stellar road trip CD! And good thing we had a road trip CD, ’cause we had about 10 miles to cover by lunch time. We were headed to Walnut Creek to lunch with our friends Joseph and Susan.

After lunch, we did really hit the road, and made it all the way up to Redding, CA. I was struck by a few things on the way.

1.  There seemed to be an abnormally large number of bugs that splat on our windshield. Seriously, it was like bugaggedon out there.

2.  There’s a lot of agricultural land in California, and driving by at 65 mph,  I couldn’t figure out what the heck any of the crops were. This drove me crazy. I think there needs to be a law that requires signs on all crops so that peeps like us know what we’re looking at as we drive by.

3.  As the navigator, I had way too many navigational tools in my lap, and they all kept sliding off my lap. An iPhone, an iPad, a road atlas, a campground guide. Plus, my sunglasses, and my reading glasses. I remember driving cross country a couple times before with only a road map, and that turned out ok. Why so much crap now??!!

Despite the problems we were having, we arrived unscathed in Redding around 5pm. Redding is the site of the Sundial Bridge, designed by Calatrava (famous architect). It’s a cool looking bridge, in a beautiful location, spanning the Sacramento river. Some people hate the bridge. We liked it…a lot.

Sundial Bridge. Redding, CA

Sundial Bridge. Redding, CA

Mark & Dax on the Sundial Bridge

Mark & Dax on the Sundial Bridge

View from the Sundial Bridge. Sacramento River, Redding, CA

View from the Sundial Bridge. Sacramento River, Redding, CA

In fine fashion, a friend of ours (formerly of Redding, then formerly of Santa Barbara, and now currently of Redding again) met us at the bridge to do a fun bike ride with us. Carson showed up on his motorbike, which is rigged with a contraption that carries his bicycle. Pretty cool. Carson is clever in that way. We did a fast and fun loop down the river, across another bridge, and back over the river to where we started.

Mark, Carson, and Carson's magnificent contraption.

Mark, Carson, and Carson’s magnificent contraption.

The day ended with dinner out in downtown Redding, and a free and flat parking spot out front of Carson’t house for the night.

Home sweet home in front of Carson's home sweet home.

Home sweet home in front of Carson’s home sweet home.

Seemed like we had done a ton of stuff this day. We slept like babies!

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