Driving In Circles, Friends, & Freaky Pizza…It’s a Road Trip!!!

ImageLast thing to do…load our bikes.


Trip is on!! We left San Diego on Tuesday, June 10th.

First leg of trip: Driving car out to storage facility to get the already mostly packed RV.

Second leg of trip: Driving RV back to our downtown condo to load our four bikes.

Trip Mileage: 17 miles so far, and we’ve landed right back at our home. Weeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!

Bikes loaded, and off we go, finally!!!

Uneventful drive up to Carpinteria, where we stop to visit Bob & Jennifer, their three dogs, two horses, and uncountable amount of chickens. Bob is outside to greet us, and he’s bleeding. Apparently he’s just broken up a fight between his newest K9 and some of his chickens. Don’t know who won the fight, but it didn’t look like it was Bob!

ImageBob and Jen, looking cool in front of the space shuttle. 

Next stop, Santa Barbara, technically, Goleta, for a visit with our friend, Val @ Chez Val. Wine and pizza was had by all. My slice of pizza had the hugest slice of green pepper ever. I shudder to think about the size of the original whole pepper that birthed my slice.

Image @ Chez Val. Always a party going on.

ImageFreakishly large slice of green pepper on my pizza. 

And finally, after a fun evening of catching up with Val on all things important and weird, we settle in for the night. Free glamping for the night outside Val’s house on San Marcos Road. Just a little noisy, and we were listing a bit towards the curb side. But it was free!

ImageCozy little free glamping spot

Day #1….complete!

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