How Many Pairs of Underwear Will It Take?



We’re down to the wire. We leave on our big cross country trip in two days. And so, today we’re packing. Never have been the kind to prep and pack a week ahead of time. That would be less stressful, I think. But, here we are, doing it today.

And here you have it….four months worth of clothes and unders…all laid out on my bed. Doesn’t look too bad. I think it will all fit in the RV. I hope it will.

Only thing missing is my Patagonia nano puff jacket, which is currently in the washer. I know, won’t be needing that for a while. But, come the end of September and October, I’ll be happy I packed it.

And shoes. Add one pair of running shoes  (and the jacket) to that pile, and that’s my wardrobe for the next four months.

Most important thing is unders. Need to pack enough of them so that we don’t have to do laundry but every ten days or so.

Oops….I did forget to include something in that photo….my cycling gear. DAMN!!! That’s a whole pile of crap that needs to fit somewhere.

Allrighty then, back to square one to rethink everything! Lots to figure out!!! Will let you know how I do.


11 thoughts on “How Many Pairs of Underwear Will It Take?

  1. I don’t know about you.. But packing is one of my favorite parts of going on a trip! I see that you’re going away for four months! Wow! I’ll ahave go back a few posts and catch up with your story!
    I might even have to live a little bit vicariously!

    • Hi babblingbuddy! I usually like packing, but this time it’s a real challenge.

      We’ll be going out to the RV (at storage facility) today to see how much of our stuff actually fits! The real issue isn’t day to day clothes, it’s all the toys we bring with us. Bikes and musical instruments are sucking up a lot of space.

      Thanks for stopping by the blog. Come back to see what happens!

  2. Susan Adamé says:

    We bought some more underwear along the way so we could go a little over two weeks in a pinch. I hate stopping to do laundry and underpants were the only thing that stood in the way.

    Happy travels


  3. Best wishes for a great trip. So you’re hauling that by RV or bike? We went cycling for 4 wks. in Europe on our own (2010). Took trains too. We never rented a car.

    I don’t recall carrying that much underwear by bike. More like half the number of panties (if that’s what I see in the photo).

    • Hi Jean! Welcome to the blog, and thank you for the good wishes.

      I love that you did a 4 week bike trip! I hope we can do that someday.

      We’re traveling in a small RV, an Airstream Interstate. Plenty big, except when you add 2 dogs, 4 bikes, and 4 musical instruments. Gets small real fast!

      What you see in the photo, is ALL of my clothes. The undies are smashed into a zip lock baggie somewhere in the photo. And then my cycling clothes, shoes, helmet take up almost as much space!

  4. I’m sure my husband wishes I could pack like you do. I start with one top and then the wardrobe explodes into a mix-and-match nightmare. How very organized you are. I have to say it will make the daily wardrobe choices easier when you are conservative with your packing. In a week-and-a-half I will be faced with packing for possbily up to 3 months for England, France and Italy – wet/dry/hot/cold/weddings/slumming it and I’m dreading it. Wish me luck.

    • Husband and I are both blessed with the “Don’t Care if I Wear the Same Thing Every Day” gene. Hopefully no weddings or funerals pop up on us, ’cause we’re unprepared for that. And only time will tell if we’re prepared for the weather and weather changes!! Figure we can always stop and buy stuff too. Oh yea…you can always pick up a little something to wear in Italy! That’d be cool. In fact, that’s good reason to under-pack. Good luck!

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