Thoughts On Forrest Gump & Kicking Ass @ Table Tennis


Yesterday I told Mark that I’d come up with a BIG IDEA for our upcoming trip.

“Guess what we’re gonna do as we travel around?”

His reply….

“Rip everyone a new a**hole.”

Yea, really? You really think that’s what my big idea is? No, we’re NOT ripping anyone a new anything!!

My big idea is to Gump-icize our trip. That’s right. We’re gonna make like Forrest Gump! Forrest Gump met life head-on with an open mind and an open heart. And he had all these outrageously incredible experiences.

And so that’s my plan…to be sure that, as we travel around these next few months, that we embrace all the amazing people, places, and opportunities that we happen upon. Oh yea, and my plan also includes kicking somebody’s ass at table tennis, just like the Gumpster.

It’s gonna be a wild ride!! GAME ON!!!!

10 thoughts on “Thoughts On Forrest Gump & Kicking Ass @ Table Tennis

  1. Caliente Springs in Palm Springs has a ping pong table. It’s where himself and I decided we must buy a house big enough to put one. We made up rules, shrieked with laughter and made all the oldies poke their heads in the door to see what the h*** was going on. Better still . . . they have a hot spring fed lagoon pool. (Join Passport America and you can stay half price for a week.) Oh my. Now I want to go back.

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