When Are You Too Old To Call “Dibs?”


I recently had to call “dibs” on our car for June 7th. Mark and I share one car, and one scooter. This works out perfectly, except when he needs the car at the same time that I need to go surfing or carting my guitar around! Then, I’m kind of screwed.


And on June 7th, I need to cart my guitar on up to Poway for the Sam Hinton Folk Festival. And so I did a little preemptive strike, and called dibs on the car for June 7th. Took Mark a little by surprise, as it’s more than a month in the future. Still not sure if he knows what hit him.


In case you’re wondering, the word “dibs” is actually in the Merriam-Webster dictionary. It’s a noun, and it’s a plural. Definition: “Claim, Rights.” So yea, I had to call dibs (lay claim, rights) to use the car on June 7th.


So, I’m all set to jam with my buddies up in Poway, and I’m feelin’ good about that. Although this did get me thinking that, Great Jimminy Christmas, I’m 54 years old and I’m still having to call dibs on stuff.


This has got me all conflicted. Do I need to grow up a bit? Or do I just need more stuff of my own? Do other folks my age have to call dibs on stuff, or do they all have all the stuff they need all to themselves?


I want to know….when was the last time YOU called dibs on something, and how old were you? This should be interesting!



2 thoughts on “When Are You Too Old To Call “Dibs?”

  1. You do NOT need to grow up … ever. I have a decade on you and am enjoying growing younger. As for physical ageing – I intend to do that DISgracefully 😀

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