Jello…A Gateway Drug


Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about Jello. That’s normal, right?


Swimming makes me think about Jello, and I’ve been swimming a bunch in the last couple of weeks. And now, every time I think about our RV, I think about Jello.


And because I’ve been thinking so much about Jello, I’ve really had lots of time to analyze a lot of stuff about it, and about its role in my life. And I have come to the conclusion that Jello is one of those so called “gateway drugs!”


In the Beginning There Was Jello

When I was a kid, I was a competitive swimmer. Way back then, it was a fairly normal practice for us kids to bring small boxes of jello to our swim meets, and to actually eat the stuff right out of the box. The “science” behind this, was that the sugar would give us energy. True, in the most basic sense. Just needed another 20 years to evolve into a sports nutrition/energy plan that actually worked!


Anyway, this is how it went down….first you’d lick your index finger, then stick it into the open package of Jello. The jello granules would stick to your finger, and then you’d lick the sugary stuff off of your finger. And then you’d repeat the process.


Did I mention that you’d share your package with 2-3 of your swim buddies? Yep. Double dipping at its best. Perfectly acceptable in the 1960’s and 1970’s!


And so began my long-time like of Jello. Not LOVE. Just LIKE. Since my competitive swim days, I believe I’ve had a normal relationship, and normal consumption rate, of Jello.


Then There Was Booze

Right around Halloween time in 2013, is when my relationship with Jello changed dramatically. At a Halloween party, I was reintroduced to Jello shots. These were not the run-of-the-mill college Jello shots. These were sophisticated grown-up Jello shots. More refined, more delicious than I remember them ever being back in the day.


And Now There Is The Airstream

I’ve spent the past 5 months obsessing about those Jello shots from Halloween. Can’t get them out of my mind. And then I had one heck of a bang-up idea.


I’ve decided to make Jello shots to take with us on our RV trips! It’s gonna be, like, my gimmick…my thing…an ice-breaker at campgrounds….my little party on wheels. This is gonna be great fun!!!


I just bought some jello and some booze so I can do some recipe testing. Once I make a batch, I’ll have to see how many I can store in the tiny RV fridge. I do want to leave  room in there for some food.


Now you can see why I’ve had Jello on the brain lately. Swimming = thoughts about Jello. RV road trips = thoughts about Jello.


If you run into us on the road, come over, say hello, get a couple Jello shots. We are actually only lite drinkers/shooters, so these are really meant to be shared with our fellow campers, glampers, and travelers!


So Party On, and Long Live Jello!


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