The Port-A-Potty Miracle


The most amazing thing happened to me recently, something like a Christmas Miracle, except that it wasn’t Christmas.

I’m 100% certain this has never happened to anyone before in the history of the universe. It happened on that Friday when we had to drive our car from San Diego to Murrieta and back again. I’m absolutely certain that it will never happen again.

Twice that day, not just once, I found myself in a brand-spanking-newly emptied-cleaned-sanitized-fresh-smelling, completely lovely Port-A-Potty! I’m talking so new and fresh, that I had to unwrap a roll of toilet paper before I could use it.

The first time was early that morning. We arrived at the bike races, and prior to driving to the parking area, we made a stop at the parking lot staging area, where there were ten Port-A-Potties all lined up neatly in a row.

I randomly picked one, and was shocked to find that it had not yet even been used! What a pleasant surprise, and what a great way to start the day. I’d never experienced such loveliness in a Port-A-Potty.

Fast forward to later that day, on our drive home to San Diego. We pulled off the freeway, into a gas station so that I could use the bathroom. But, this gas station didn’t have a bathroom. Instead, it had a Port-A-Potty out back. This was gonna be disgusting.

But no! Not disgusting! Again, I found myself in a brand-spanking-newly emptied-cleaned-sanitized-fresh-smelling, completely lovely Port-A-Potty. And again, I had to unwrap a new roll of toilet paper.

What are the odds of this happening once in a day, let alone twice in one day? Zero! It has never happened before and will never happen again. You would have a better chance winning the lottery.

I was so struck by the odd nature of these events, that I couldn’t stop talking about it on the drive home. And I smiled, declared it a miracle, and declared myself the luckiest person on the planet that day!

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