Thursday Has Been Postponed


Since I cancelled Wednesday, I’ve gotten behind with things. Therefore, I’ve had no choice but to postpone Thursday.

Yesterday, I had a friend suggest that I should cancel Mondays and Thursdays. She mentioned something about not wanting to work so many days each week. Good point.

And I would cancel Mondays and Thursdays, per her request, if I weren’t afraid of the consequences. I mean, look what’s happened by just canceling Wednesdays. If we also cancel Mondays and Thursdays, we’d be so far behind that we might find ourselves in the unfortunate situation of having to postpone Saturdays and Sundays….and that would suck!

So for now, I’m just gonna postpone this one Thursday. Just until I catch up.

3 thoughts on “Thursday Has Been Postponed

  1. It’s also been suggested to me, by my friend Kathleen, that we eliminate Mondays and Fridays and double up on Saturdays and Sundays. I think we should then call those days Playday, Saturday, Sunday, and Funday. Then we can work on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. Sounds like a plan!

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