The Absolute Weirdest Place To Live


I know there are weird places to live around the world. I won’t name names, as I would hate to offend anyone’s hometown. Plus, anyways, I’m pretty sure I’ve determined what is the weirdest place on the planet that someone might chose to live, so no need to mention other lesser weird places.

On the way back from Murrieta last week, Mark and I were talking about our upcoming cross-country trip planned for this summer. We were talking about some of the different places we want to visit. And we were talking about the possibility that we might discover someplace along the way that we fall in love with and want to move to. (ending sentence with preposition = bad. apologies to grammar police)

So there we were, driving along, talking about how we must visit Mt. Rushmore, when Mark says,

“When we go to Mt. Rushmore, I might stop there and go live in one of the (President’s) nostrils.”

And I said, in a slightly shocked voice,

“Really? You’re going to go live in a nostril? Which one?

And he said,

“I’m not sure yet. I’ll have to see which one looks the nicest when we get there.”

OK, that was weird. But then we both burst out laughing. And that was the end of the conversation about Mt. Rushmore….thank goodness. And I’m taking that as a sign that when we do get to Mt. Rushmore, that my dear husband will not leave me in order to go live in a nostril.

And for that, I’m gratefully hopeful. I mean, really, how would I explain that to the police, or even worse, to the IRS?!

Uh, yes sir, a nostril at Mt. Rushmore. Uh, yes, we are taking a tax deduction for that as a second home. Yes, there are some travel expenses deducted there as well. It’s not cheap traveling back and forth and up and down to get to the actual nostril.

You can see how this one has disaster potential written all over it. Hoping to all hope I’m not living in a nostril in 2015!!!

6 thoughts on “The Absolute Weirdest Place To Live

      • Ahh…ok ok…u meant it in the literal sense…sorry, I thought that it was another form of dwelling that I was not familiar with…hahahaha….:)

      • That’s pretty funny too! I did think it was odd that you wouldn’t know what a nostril is!!! I wonder if others will think the same thing!!

        Thanks for visiting my blog. I just peeked at your blog and you have some great posts there!

      • Haha…thanks for reading! I just googled mt rushmore so now I really get it…hahaha…I did know there was such a place in the US but didn’t realise it was mt rushmore..but I had a good laugh in the morning over this. Thanks! 🙂

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