3 Perfect Days of Bikes, Fiddles & Wine….Part 3


6:00am is the new 5:00am. Changed the clocks the night before. It was dark outside at 6:00am. And cold. We were awoken by the early morning hustle and bustle as others arrived early to park and set up for the first bike race of the day.

Mark’s race started at 7:30am, and when he was finished, we had the whole day to just hang out outside the RV, watch the rest of the races, and basically, do nothing. This “doing nothing” turned out to be lots of fun.

It seems that our Airstream is a real conversation starter. So many people come up to us and ask about our RV. Everyone wants to know if it has a bathroom in it. It does. A very small wet bath. And some people want to know if we sleep in it. Yes, the bed in the back is king size…bigger than the bed in our house!

We’ll almost always invite people to look inside. And everyone is usually really surprised to see that, as small as we are compared to all the other RV’s, that we are fully self-contained. They’re also surprised to see that we can manage in that small space with our two dogs, and musical instruments in the back! Truthfully, I’m surprised too. But I’ve gotten used to stepping over the dogs, and straddling at least one of them while I brush my teeth. I’ve adapted!




Our view of the races and the porta-potties. Lucky we don’t have to use the porta-potties!




And so, we spent a lovely day, watching bike races and meeting lots of nice people. After the final race of the day, one of the race officials came over to see Fiona. We gave him the tour, invited him to sit down outside with us, and gave him a shot of whiskey. We’d made another friend.

And so came to an end, our lovely weekend full of bikes, fiddles, wine, hot rods, and whiskey. Can’t wait to do it again! Gotta start planning another outing!

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