Why The Heck Would We Buy an RV??!!!


Recently, I’ve had a few people ask me WHY we bought our RV. So, I figured a short little post to explain would be in order. Here goes…

1. We love road trips! Some of our favorite vacations, have been big road trips.

2. We want to road trip without constantly having to check in and out of hotels, without having to sleep in the front seat of our little car when we can’t get into a hotel, and without having to look for food and bathrooms while on the road!

3. We want to take our dogs on vacation with us. This has been awesome for all of us!

4. We want to see more of America than just major freeways and airports.

5. We wanted a new adventure and challenge. Definitely got that one right!

You can see, our reasons were actually quite simple. I could elaborate on each of them, but I don’t think I need to. You get the picture.

And so, we jumped right into it and bought our Airstream. And we’re so glad we did it. It is everything we thought it’d be, plus some. There’s good, and there’s bad not so good, but the good always outweighs the not so good stuff.

We’re having amazing adventures…big and small adventures, but they’re all adventures that we’ll be talking about for a lifetime!

10 thoughts on “Why The Heck Would We Buy an RV??!!!

  1. Thanks for following my blog so I could find yours. I have always had a healthy dose of wanderlust in me and am quite jealous of your travels. I look forward to following along with your journies.

  2. Doug says:

    Wow, just found your blog.
    Been thinking of buying either a Leisure Travel Van Libero or a Class A

    I love the small vans, but must get tight hanging out in them. How did it work out camping in your van at Jackson Hole. Did you feel cramped. I’m not talking claustrophobic.

    Van would be more fun in many cases

    Love to hear


    • Hi Doug! Welcome to the blog!

      We didn’t take the RV to Jackson Hole. We flew. Even without the dogs, no way could the two of us, with ski equipment, and all the post-skiing wet boots & skis, and sweaty clothes, do that in our rig. The center aisle in ours, and in most B-Vans, is very narrow, so there’s just not much room for lots of activity or equipment. Not saying nobody could do it, but WE couldn’t!

      We looked at the Leisure Travel Van Unity SS and the Libero. Decided we really wanted a B-van that could go under the radar a little easier. So, no slide-outs, no graphics on the side. We have “camped” outside of a couple friend’s places, and none of the neighbors have known that there was an RV parked there. Or, at least, nobody complained!

    • Doug, not sure if I actually answered your question about being cramped! These B vans are small. If I had ours all to myself, it’d feel spacious. With 2 people, it definitely can feel cramped.

      Only 1 person at a time is allowed in the aisle. Otherwise, you could just kill each other trying to do anything. So, if one person is using the kitchen sink, the other person can sit quietly in the back or front and read a magazine for a few minutes. This has really taught me to have a lot more patience than I usually have.

      • Doug says:

        Thanks Nancy πŸ™‚

        I came to the same conclusions you have in your first response to me. I thought you had driven the van and camped at Jackson Hole. How in the earth did you do that I asked? You answered my question.

        By the way, great Blog. I’m Bookmarking it. I love your writing style πŸ™‚ I also read “Gone With the Wynns”, “Bumfuzzle”, “Winnie Views” and many others.

        Bumfuzzle are interesting in they have sailed the world, raced across USA in a Porsche, Drove North and South America in a VW 58 Van, Bought another boat and sailed to Mexico to live, now fixing up a 65 RV to travel in. Had kids along the way. Gives one pause to think

        Love Santa Barbara. Graduated in 1982. Now live in Lafayette, CA (near SF). Been thinking of bumming about. Giving a year to plan. Then a year to set up.

  3. Doug, Thank you for your nice comments! And thanks for telling me about those other blogs as well. I’ll have to check them all out.

    I hope you can gather some useful info from my blog. I tend to get sidetracked with just silly stories about stuff that happens every day. But I kind of figure there’s people like us, and like you, that are looking for an honest take on what traveling in a very small RV is really like!

    So, welcome! And definitely carry on with your plans to travel.


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