Weird Word Wednesday


Schmegglie: A piece of dirt, grime, or grotesqueness that appears on an object, and oftentimes, appears on one’s self. Can also refer to a loved one.

Interesting Facts: “Schmegglie” is often, and incorrectly, interchanged with the word Schmeggmapony.” Schmeggmapony is the generic for the word “thing,” and is never used to denote something dirty or grotesque.

Examples of Use:

1.  Yuck, there’s a schmegglie on the floor

2.  Damn pigeon, schmegged me!

3.  Schmegglie, I missed you!

4.  Please hand me that schmeggmapony.

Please post your creative uses of Schmegglie, in any or all of its glorious forms, in the comments section! And keep it pretty much G-rated!

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