Looks Like A Tax, Smells Like A Tax, Must Be A Tax?


In the alternate universe of Bamboozlement, I just had this phone conversation with the State of CA Franchise Tax Board regarding our homeowners’ association.

Me: I just received two bills for our association tax assessment. One bill was the assessment, and the other bill was a late fee. We used to be exempt. Why do we now have to pay this tax?

Them: You are exempt. You do not pay taxes.

Me: Then why do I have to send you money?

Them: That is not a tax. It’s a filing fee.

Oh really???

Anyone remember that old Cheech and Chong skit…..Looks like dog #$%*, Smells like dog #$%*, tastes like dog @#$*…..that’s dog @#$*

Yep…pretty much same thing going on here. Welcome to the land of Bamboozlement, and to the beginning of our annual tax filing fee season. Enjoy!

4 thoughts on “Looks Like A Tax, Smells Like A Tax, Must Be A Tax?

  1. Bob, these funny things keep happening day after day, and I just have the need to share!

    But remember, when you go to your CPA this year, be sure to tell him/her that you’re there to fill out the paperwork and pay your “FILING FEE!” haha!

    • haha!! Lewis, I wish we had the nerve, but we’re afraid of these people.

      Along those same lines, they used to make us pay some tax or fee, and then they’d refund the same amount to us later in the year. That went on for a number of years.

      Then one year they tried to fine us for paying late, but we had indeed mailed in our check. But they told us they were 3 months behind in opening their mail, and that we’d have to pay the late fee, and then when they opened up their mail, they’d refund it all to us.

      All true. I couldn’t make this s#%* up.

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