Swimming With Old Ladies


Swimming. I like it. I’m really good at it.

I swam this morning. It was cold out, and I decided to swim in the warm indoor pool instead of the outdoor pool. Big mistake. Lap #1, I was already overheating. I was in and committed though, so I stuck with it.

To keep from really overheating and passing out, I swam slowly. And when the heat became just too much to take, I did some laps water-walking. Swim a little, walk a little, repeat.

Right next to my lane, in the other half of the pool, there was a water exercise class for seniors. On one of my water walking laps, a nice older woman in the exercise class turned to me and said, “You are such a smooth swimmer.”

Well, I just lit up. I smiled, and told her I’ve been swimming since I was a wee child. I was just pleased as punch that she took the time to give me kudos on my beautiful and efficient swim stroke.

Her next comment kind of burst my bubble a bit. “Some people swim next to us and they splash and it gets our hair wet.”

Oh, I see. She wasn’t so much complimenting my swimming, as she was thanking me for not getting her hair wet.

Whatever. It’s still a compliment, and I’m gonna take it and run with it. It is Monday, after all, and it’s nice to start the week off on a positive note!

5 thoughts on “Swimming With Old Ladies

    • Bob, this is serious stuff here!! A few years ago, I almost had to break up a fist fight in the pool. This involved old women standing in the pool talking, and a guy swimming by them. The guy was splashing a little and getting the old ladies’ hair wet and they were ticked off. Do NOT mess with old ladies in pools!

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