Skiing & Claustrophobic RV-ers


We’re in Jackson Hole, WY this week, skiing up a storm, so to speak. In fact, it did start snowing almost as soon as we arrived. Just sayin’. If you live in a ski town, and need us to bring some good snow mojo your way, we can negotiate a deal. We’re inexpensive!

Today was actually our first day on the mountain, and WOW, what a mountain it is. Big, and very vertical. In fact, over 4,000′ of vertical. Hit all kinds of runs and conditions today. Steep, mogully, powdery, icy, crunchy, plus some! Did a tour of the mountain and hit a majority of the lifts, as well as the gondola and the tram.

We met a nice couple skiing today from Quebec City, Lynn and Andre. We took a lunch break with them, and when we mentioned we have an RV, they perked up with interest. Seems they’ve talked about how much fun it would be to get an RV and travel all over, however, Lynn is worried about being confined in such a small space. Mark and I both started laughing. I told them they have to look at this blog and read about our experience with this exact issue.

And so, it was as if our day came full-circle…ski, discuss claustrophobic RV-ing, ski some more, blog about it all. A complete day, if you ask me!

We’ll be back out on the mountain on Tuesday, and out exploring the town in the evening. If you’ve been to Jackson Hole in the winter and have any “must see” things, or “must eat at” restaurants, I’d love to hear about it.

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